Lvepaperhub publishing is a do - it yourself publishing platform. It takes your JPEG (prepress) and ePub files & digitizes the same for delivery across web, mobile and tablet devices. Our geo-delivery engine further distributes this content on the cloud so that the solution is fast and provides instant gratification. It also makes management of the pages very easy, content augmentation a breeze and provides detailed analytics on the consumption of your content.

All you need is a web browser, a Lvepaperhub account for publishing your prepress JPEG or ePub files and you are set to the enhanced digital circulation and distribution of your publication.With Lvepaperhub white label solution you can run lvepaperhub publisher on your domain with your branding. It integrates seamlessly into your existing website. A central location where all visitors can discover publications & share content. A customized viewer to display the content based on publications (newspapers, magazines) & platform (web, mobile or tablet).

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